Be on Guard of Your Health – Monitor Your High Blood Pressure Level

High blood pressure, commonly known as hypertension is the major cause of stroke and heart attacks. This has to be prevented as early as possible because this may cause damages to your kidney, blood vessels, heart, eyes and organs. People who are diagnosed with high blood pressure should always monitor his high blood pressure level because there are certain levels which are really dangerous and could lead to a bigger problem.

Hypertension also has high blood pressure level. The mild hypertension varies from 140-159 mm Hg. Most patients with this disease have 3 measurements of BP before being labeled as hypertensive. Hypertensive may lead to mistaken categorization and strength in treatment advantage for the population. This may be improved upon observation and estimation of blood variability.

The other High BP level is moderate or what they call stage 3 of hypertension. This level varies from 160 to 179 mm Hg while severe hypertension varies from 180 to 209 mm Hg and if hypertension is very severe, it varies from 210 mmHg or greater than this. Whatever level your blood pressure is, this could always be avoided or treated.

An extra consciousness in your health is a big help in avoiding and recovering from having a high blood pressure. High BP levels determine the stage of your hypertension but this usually have the same causes. Most people with hypertension are people who abuse their health. Normally, people who are in good health have a very good and stable blood pressure. A very good flow of the blood is one way to keep other organs healthy.

Since hypertension is a life long disease, you can almost not get rid of it anymore. There are cases when hypertension can be gotten rid of but these cases are very rare. If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure or hypertension, aside from medical treatment, you should always be on guard of your health most especially your hypertension level. Be a regular visitor of your doctor, and make him your consultant and advisor. For people who have hypertension or high BP, your doctor is your best friend. Constant monitoring, discipline, good diet, regular exercise and good lifestyle are all you need to be free from the harmful and devastating consequences of this disease. Since you can’t run away from it, attaining a constant and stable normal BP is such a very successful health achievement.

Employer Group Health Plans – What Types Are There?

The most important thing most employers want to be able to offer to their employees is an employer group health plan.

Through these plans the employer can rest assured that his employees are well taken care. It also helps retain current employees since they are more likely to stay to keep the great benefits. Many people will take a lower paying job if the benefits are worth the lower pay.

Having affordable health care is one of the first things people ask about when they start a new job and for many, it can be the reason they accept a position with one company over another. Being able to offer comprehensive, and inexpensive, health care for your employees is a must have in the current economic situation.

Options Are The Key

For an employer group health plan to be truly effective and offer the most flexibility and option to your employees, having a number of plans to choose from is wise. Many health organizations will offer different types of plans to fit the budget as well as the medical needs of a person or family. They are broken down into three normal categories:

Part-Time or Hourly Employees

This type of plan is created to offer general and limited coverage options for essential services. They may also offer discounts on certain products or procedures. This type of insurance is good for non-salaried employees as they generally take less money out of each paycheck while still offering substantial services.

Full Time Employees

This plan is the more traditional or value focused plan for permanent employees who may or may not be on a salaried basis. They offer affordable, more comprehensive plans, which can be specially tailored to the employer’s desires. The benefits packages can be customized as well and flexible spending accounts are offered to help offset unexpected and costly medical procedures.

Low Cost – High Deductible Plans

This plan is designed for employees who are more engaged in their health care needs. They normally feature a lower cost per month with a higher deductible. Normally people who don’t go to the doctor often aside from normal check-ups prefer this type of plan. In this program, health care savings accounts are normally offered as a way to put money away in case an expensive procedure is needed.

There are also other options for employer group health plans, which may include any of the following and normally these options are added at additional expense to the employee:

* Prescriptions – Including pharmacy costs.
* Mental Health – Dealing with psychiatrists and other mental health institutions.
* Dental – This includes normal checks ups to dental surgery. They normally don’t cover much for cosmetic options.
* Vision – Normal checkups, discounts on glasses and contact lenses.
* Alternative Health Care – Such as chiropractic treatments.

Employers normally help offset the cost of health care by contributing a percentage of the cost for each employee so, finding an employer group health plan that is affordable as well as comprehensive is important. Employer health plans can mean the difference between retaining valuable employees and losing them to someone with better benefits.